Acknowledgement of Risk

We are pleased to have you join us for these outdoor activities. You will be taking part in activities which may include skiing, dog handling, riding and conducting a dog sled pulled by several dogs, contacting other dogs, dog sleds, and dog handlers. You will also be subjecting yourself to winter weather conditions and a snow covered landscape of woods and brush. This kind of recreational activity carries the risk of personal injury.

Specifically about the dogs: a dog, regardless of its training and past behavior and characteristics, may act or react unpredictably at time based upon contact with other dogs or people.

Dog sledding and skijoring are potentially dangerous activities. The purpose of this statement is to inform you of such risks and to document that you have been informed and accept such risks and to document that you have been informed and accept such risks of injury. You will be asked to sign an acknowledgement, knowing that you are aware of the injury risks, and that you acknowledge those risks, which are not caused by any negligence on the part of Silver Sage Mushing.

You agree to hold Silver Sage Mushing harmless from any claim or demand based on any alleged action or inaction by the driver, his/her dogs, agents or others acting on his/her behalf. You also agree to release Silver Sage Mushing and employee/volunteers from any claim or demand resulting from injury.